Sunday, April 7, 2013

The #spbkchat foodie fiction chat list

This past week's foodie chat was a bit quiet, but still very tasty.

This Thursday is a general chat.

Also, please note, daylight saving has ended in New Zealand, which means for the rest of the world, the chat time will shift as we fell backwards an hour.

I'll put an alert on twitter closer to the actual time :-)

Corinna Chapman (series)
Darina Lisle (series)
Ricky and G-Man (series)
The Restaurant of Love Regained
Garlic and Sapphires
Ministry of Food
30 Minute Meals
Like Water for Chocolate
Pomegranate Soup
Rosewater & Soda Bread

Kerry Greenwood
Poppy Z Brite
Sherry Thomas
Ito Ogawa
Ruth Reichl
Cleo Coyle
Louisa Edwards
Jamie Oliver
Marsha Mehran
Barbara O'Neal


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