Current start times* listed below.

The #spbkchat takes place on Twitter for about 1 hour every Thursday evening starting at:

5.30 PM in Western Australia (Perth)
5.30 PM in China
6.30 PM in Japan
8. 30 PM in Eastern Australia (Sydney, Melbourne)
10.30 PM in New Zealand.

The South Pacific Book Chat was started to have a time-zone friendly book chat for those of us in the South Pacific and surrounding Asian countries. However, anyone is welcome to join in wherever you are. We'd love to have you stop by.

Elsewhere in the world this corresponds to:
10.30 AM in London
11.30 AM in Amsterdam
5.30 AM in New York
2.30 AM in Vancouver

You can check your local time at timeanddate.com.

*Times adjusted for Daylight Saving. (Last updated October 13, 2011)

Note: If there is ever any doubt or confusion due to the different time zones and Daylight Savings, the chat will ALWAYS begin at 10 PM in New Zealand throughout the year. You can then find the start time in your area in comparison to NZ time.

For a list of all the past and upcoming topics, check out the South Pacific Book Chat Schedule.