South Pacific Book Chat

#spbkchat (South Pacific Book Chat) is a weekly Twitter chat aimed at providing people within the South Pacific and surrounding Asian countries a time zone friendly bookish conversation. It was started in August 2012 by @MargReads, @justaddbooks, and @inspringthedawn, after we were lamenting the fact that many of the other bookish Twitter conversations took place while we were asleep. Each week there is a different topic up for discussion but mostly we just love to chat about all things bookish. Please check out the #spbkchat schedule for a list of all the past and upcoming chats.

How can YOU join the chat?
Although #spbkchat takes place on Thursday evenings in this part of the world, anyone is welcome to join in, no matter where in the world you are! Check out the #spbkchat start times in your area, and then simply stop by Twitter during that time. Please include the hashtag #spbkchat in your tweets and just jump in. We'd love to chat books with you!

If you'd like to display the button on your own site, please save it to your own computer first. Thanks!

*Globe image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons and Kwamikagami.

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