Friday, October 28, 2011

The #spbkchat horror/Halloween chat list

Monday is Halloween, so this week's #spbkchat was all about the horror ... next week, it's all about LGBQT (lesbian/gay/bisexual/queer/trans <s>I have Born This Way stuck in my head now</s>) literature.

On to this week's list:

The Monkey's Paw
Pet Semetary
The Stand
Bag of Bones
Rose Madder
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
The Books of Blood
The Silence of the Lambs
The Screwfly Solution

Dana Reed
RL Stine
Stephen King
Dean Koontz
Michael Kortya
Muriel Spark
Shirley Jackson
Clive Barker


Friday, October 21, 2011

The #spbkchat gothic chat list

We're getting our dark and stormy on for #spbkchat - this week, gothic lit and next week, horror/Halloween ...

On with the list:

Shadow of the Wind
The Slap
St Leger (series)
Jane Eyre
Faire Isle (series)
Woman in White
Lord of the Rings
Rosemary's Baby
We Need to Talk About Kevin
The Thirteenth Tale
The Lantern
The Monk
The Accidentals
Never the Bride
Northanger Abbey
Age of Wonder
Jamaica Inn
Castle of Otranto
The King's General
Wuthering Heights
Henry James
The Fall of the House of Usher
Rules of Attraction
Pinball 1973
Castle of the Wolf
Flight of the Falcon
Turn of the Screw
The Witching Hour
Queen of the Damned
Angel Time
Lady of Mallow
Vicky Christina Barcelona (film)
Legally Blonde (film)
The Moonstone
Midnight in Paris (film)
My Enemy, the Queen
Moth Diaries
Nine Coaches Waiting
The Lantern

Carlos Fuentes
Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Susan Carroll
Sarah Walters
Wilke Collins
Ira Levin
A S  Byatt
Ciji Ware
Diane Setterfield
Susanna Kearsley
Deborarh Lawrenson
Ali Smith
Paul Magrs
Anna Campbell
Daphne du Maurier
Laura Kinsale
Edgar Allen Poe
Sandra Schwab
Charlotte Bronte
Emily Bronte
Henry James
Anne Rice
Gail Carriger
Victoria Holt
Jean Plaidy
Madeleine Brent
Rachel Klein
Mary Stewart


Friday, October 14, 2011

The #spbkchat general chat list

This week was a general chat, which is always fun. For the next two weeks we're celebrating the dark side, with Gothic and Horror/Halloween the focus of the chat.

Let's get on to the list:

The Passage
After Dark
The Wind-up Bird Chronicle
Kafka on the Shore
After the Quake
The Hunger Games
Norwegian Wood
Hottest Dishes of Tartar Cuisine
Hard-Boiled Wonderland
Lola and the Boy Next Door
I, Coriander
Before I Go To Sleep
The Revisionists
The Leftovers
Summer Crossing
Alias Grace
The Shadow of the Wind
The Kitchen Boy
Rasputin's Daughter
The Winter Palace
Imperial Highness
Among Others

The Iliad
The Honourable Schoolboy
Fear (series)
The Sending
Hal Junior
I Am a Cat
The Rose Garden
Rules of Attraction
Chain Reaction
The Help
The Sending

Business of Death
Language of Flowers
Lola's Secret
Letters of Tolkien

Murakami (I've decided he's the unofficial #spbkchat mascot)
Sally Gardner
Margaret Atwood
Truman Capote
Robert Alexander
Cynthia Harrold-Eagles
Evelyn Anthony
Jo Walton
Isobelle Carmody
R L Stine
Matthew Reilly
Jennifer Miller
Simone Elkes
Gregory Maguire
Monica McInerny
Joanne Anderton
Maria Snyder


Friday, October 7, 2011

The #spbkchat dark fantasy list

The chat went to the dark side last night, discussing dark fantasy. My internet failed after about half an hour so I couldn't really join in but I'm sure it was a great chat.

Once again, thanks Margo Lanagan for dropping by - I LOVE seeing writers in the stream!

Next week is an open forum where (nearly) anything goes. :-) The two weeks after that, as it's October, we're going for ... a theme, with Gothic, followed by Horror/Halloween ...

The list:
Bitter Blue
Magic Study
Wicked Lovely
True Blood
The Elder Races (series)
The Eternal Kiss
Dragonlance (series)
American Gods
Wildflower Hill
Europa Suite
How to Make Friends With Demons (aka Memoirs of a Master Forger)
The Graveyard Book
Lord of the Rings
Fragile Things
Forgotten Realms
Earthsea (series)
Warhammer (series)
Soul Screamer (series)
My Stepmother is a Werewolf
The Burning City
Cloud and Ashes
The Sparrow
Tender Morsels
Catastrophic Disruption of the Head
Shadowfae (series)
Guild Hunter (series)
Twelve Planets
Black Dagger Brotherhood (series)
Belgariad (series)
Graceling (series)
Black Jewels (series)
Dark Tower (series)
The Good Neighbours
Courtney Crumrin
Fever (series)
The Silver Kiss
Jonathon Strange & Mister Norrell

Kristen Cashore
Sara Douglass
Thea Harrison
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
HP Lovecraft
Charlaine Harris
Clive Barker
G Masterton
Peter Straub
Elizabeth Bear
Kate Morton
Dan Abnett
Sherri S Tepper
Susanna Kearsley
Margo Lanagan
Kim Wilkins
Patricia Briggs
Anita Blake
Keri Arthur
Lilith St Crow
Carrie Vaughn
Kim Wilkins
Anne Bishop
Jaqueline Carey
Kim Harrison
Graham Joyce
Holly Black
Neil Gaiman
Terry Pratchett
Christopher Pike
Rachel Vincent
Larry Vincent
Greer Gilman
Erica Hayes
Nalini Singh
Lynn Veihl
Madigan Mine
J R Ward
Raymond Feist
Anne Rice
J V Jones
David Eddings
Brent Weeks
Kristin Cashore
Stephen King
Karen Marie Morning
Anette Curtis Klause