Friday, October 7, 2011

The #spbkchat dark fantasy list

The chat went to the dark side last night, discussing dark fantasy. My internet failed after about half an hour so I couldn't really join in but I'm sure it was a great chat.

Once again, thanks Margo Lanagan for dropping by - I LOVE seeing writers in the stream!

Next week is an open forum where (nearly) anything goes. :-) The two weeks after that, as it's October, we're going for ... a theme, with Gothic, followed by Horror/Halloween ...

The list:
Bitter Blue
Magic Study
Wicked Lovely
True Blood
The Elder Races (series)
The Eternal Kiss
Dragonlance (series)
American Gods
Wildflower Hill
Europa Suite
How to Make Friends With Demons (aka Memoirs of a Master Forger)
The Graveyard Book
Lord of the Rings
Fragile Things
Forgotten Realms
Earthsea (series)
Warhammer (series)
Soul Screamer (series)
My Stepmother is a Werewolf
The Burning City
Cloud and Ashes
The Sparrow
Tender Morsels
Catastrophic Disruption of the Head
Shadowfae (series)
Guild Hunter (series)
Twelve Planets
Black Dagger Brotherhood (series)
Belgariad (series)
Graceling (series)
Black Jewels (series)
Dark Tower (series)
The Good Neighbours
Courtney Crumrin
Fever (series)
The Silver Kiss
Jonathon Strange & Mister Norrell

Kristen Cashore
Sara Douglass
Thea Harrison
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
HP Lovecraft
Charlaine Harris
Clive Barker
G Masterton
Peter Straub
Elizabeth Bear
Kate Morton
Dan Abnett
Sherri S Tepper
Susanna Kearsley
Margo Lanagan
Kim Wilkins
Patricia Briggs
Anita Blake
Keri Arthur
Lilith St Crow
Carrie Vaughn
Kim Wilkins
Anne Bishop
Jaqueline Carey
Kim Harrison
Graham Joyce
Holly Black
Neil Gaiman
Terry Pratchett
Christopher Pike
Rachel Vincent
Larry Vincent
Greer Gilman
Erica Hayes
Nalini Singh
Lynn Veihl
Madigan Mine
J R Ward
Raymond Feist
Anne Rice
J V Jones
David Eddings
Brent Weeks
Kristin Cashore
Stephen King
Karen Marie Morning
Anette Curtis Klause


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