Saturday, January 19, 2013

The #spbkchat general chat list

This past week was a general chat, which is always fun.

Next week, we're talking North/South Korea.

On to the list!

Pride and Prejudice
Northanger Abbey
Sense and Sensibility
American Gods
Les Miserables
Game of Thrones
Behind the Veil
Lady Susan
The Watsons
Baking Cakes in the Kagali
The Casual Vacancy
The Potato Factory
War and Peace
We Need to Talk About Kevin
The Brothers Karamazov
Running With Scissors
The Magic Mountain
The Man Without Qualities
The Snow White Christmas Cookie
Life of Pi
Mansfield with Monsters
Anna Karenina
The Brontes
Yoko Ogawa
Wolf Hall
Telegraph Avenue
Bring Up the Bodies
Bitter Greens
Life of Pi
Beauty Queens
The Secret Keeper
Murder on the Ballast Train

Jane Austen
J R R Tolkien
Tad Williams
Victor Hugo
Neil Gaiman
Charles Dickens
Gaile Parkin
J K Rowling
Thomas Mann
Robert Musli
David Handler
Marcel Proust
Katherine Mansfield
Matt and Debbie Cowens
Michael Chabon
Hilary Mantel
Libba Bray
Marie Lu
Kate Morton
Kerry Greenwood

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