Saturday, February 18, 2012

The #spbkchat Steampunk list

Steampunk was a fun, involved chat.

Next week: South American Lit. (Feb 21 is Mardi Gras)

The list:

Prehistoric Clock
The Girl with the Steel Corset
Batman: Gotham by Gaslight
His Dark Materials (series)
Clockwork Century (series)
The Iron Duke
Under Her Brass Corset
Phoenix Rising
Elemental Masters (series)
The Steampowered Globe
A Clockwork Christmas
The Book of the New Sun (series)
Gormenghast (series)
Leviathan (series)
Dark Vow
Perdido Street Station
Asher's Invention
The Scar
Nightside (series)
Paraso Protectorate (series)
Howl's Moving Castle
The Steampunk Bible

Robert Appleton
Kady Cross
Philip Pullman
Cherie Priest
Tez Miller
Meljean Brooks
Mercedes Lackey
Phillippa Ballantine
Gail Carriger
Gene Wolfe
Tee Morris
Scott Westerfield
Shona Husk
Mervyn Peake
Annie Seaton
China Mieville
Elizabeth Sladen
Simon R Green
Jules Verne
H G Wells
Vandermeer and Chambers


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