Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sci-fi #spbkchat

This week we were talking sci-fi. We were missing quite a few people due to illness. Hope people are feeling better soon!


Ursule Le Guin
van Vogt
David Wyndam
Jules Verne

Phillip K. Dick,
Gene Brewer,
Kim Stanley Robinson
Gene Wolfe
C J Cherryh
HG Wells
Helen Lowe(great NZ author)
Paul Haines,
Ripley Patton

Mary Victoria,
Lyn McConchie
Ray Bradbury
Andre Norton
Alan E Nourse
Zenna Henderson
E E Doc Smith
Arthur C Clarke
Theodore Sturgeon
Clifford Simak
Frank Herbert
Gillian Rubenstein (also writes fantasy under the name Lian Hearn)
John Wyndham
Catharine Asaro(SF romance)
Nancy Kress
Franz Kafka
J G Ballard
Orson Scott Card
James Tiptree Jnr

Kage Baker
Elizabeth Bear
Trent Jamieson
Marriane de Pierres
Cat Sparks
Adam Christopher,
CJ Cherryh,
Larry Niven (Ringworld)
Barry Longyear
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Ann Aguirre (scifi romance)
Susan grant (scifi romance)
Clive Barker?
Robert Sawyer's intelligent dinosaurs,

If you like Ursula Leguin try:

Eleanor Arnason
Octavia Butler

Specific books

Animorphs - K. A. Applegate
All you zombies - Robert Heinlein
Le Guin - Left hand of darkness

Robert Heinlein (especially The Door Into Summer)
The Host - Stephenie Meyer
HG Wells Time Machine, War of the World
Jules Verne - 20,000 Leagues beneath the Sea

John Wyndham - Day of the Triffids, Village of the Damned;
Robert Heinlein - Stranger in a Strange Land;
Isaac Asimov - I, Robot
David Brin - River of time
A Foreign Country by Anna Caro & Juliet Buchanan (editors) (good recent anthology)

Haines novella "Wives" in X6 anthology
Andre Norton Beast Master, Witch World, many more
Anne McCafferey's Ship who Sang
Anne McCaffrey - The Coelura

Iain M. Banks' Culture series
SKINNED by @robinwasserman
JUNO OF TARIS by Fleur Bealet
The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov
Childhood's End by Arthur C Clarke

Neuromancer by William Gibson
K-Pax by Gene Brewer
Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (dystopian)

Maria V Snyder's Inside Out and Outside Inn
Hold Me closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride
Kim Stanley Robinson Years of Rice & Salt also Mars bks
The Road by Cormac McCarthy
Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan series
Audrey Niffenegger's Time Traveller's Wife.
Longyear - Enemy Mine
Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Murakami
David Brin's Practice Effect

Links for further recs

Here's a link to a list of 10 accessible science fiction books by sf signal

@timjonesbooks: This was my attempt to post a list of SF I'd recommend to non-SF readers wanting to get into SF:

SF Signal: "How Important is Plausible Science in Science Fiction"?
Sci-fi experience challenge
Check out the ASiF blog for reviews of new Aussie sf. (Stands for Australian SpecFic in Focus).
Aurealis awards list

Non English Sci-fi

Arkady and Boris Strugatsky
Paolo Bacigalupi
Metro 2033 by Dmitri G
2017 by Olga Slavnikova
Woman in the Dunes" by Kobo Abe
The Box Man" also by Kobo Abe

Seiun Award winners (Japanese equiv of Hugos)
Haika Soru (publishing Japanese science fiction in English)

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