Friday, March 23, 2012

The #spbkchat guilty pleasure list

Our guilty pleasures provoked a lively and interesting discussion this week.

Next week:  better than expected - books that surprised you!

(Side note: I use "lively" too much.)

On to the list!

Grey's Anatomy (TV Series)
House (TV Series)
The Hunger Games (series)
Twilight (series)
The Sad Book
Pride & Prejudice
The Perfect Chemistry (series)
The Cranky Bear
Star Trek (TV Series)
Anita Blake (series)
War and Peace
The Baby-sitters Club (series)
Gone With the Wind
Dragonlance (series)
Belgariad (series)
Mallorean (series)
50 Shades of Grey
Forgotten Realms (series)
Captain Underpants (series)
Deltora (series)
The Scarlet Pimpernell
A Place Called Home
The Da Vinci Code
The Night Circus
Discworld (series)
Faith Fairchild (series)
Murder She Wrote (TV Series
Monk (TV Series)

Thea Devine
Michael Rosen
Simone Elkeles
Judy Blume
Jane Austen
Joey Hill
Paullina Simons
Joss Whedon
Gail Carriger
Agatha Christie
Stephen King
Baroness Orczy
Jilly Cooper
Jo Goodman
Kelly Hunter
Sarah Mayberry
Dan Brown
Michael Ford Thomas
Jay Quinn
Nicholas Sparks
Lauren Conrad
Ann Rule
Elaine Cunningham
David Eddings
Maeve Binchey
Terry Pratchett
Sherri S Tepper
Elizabeth Enright
L M Montgomery
Laura Childs
Kathryn Hall Page
Janet Evanovich
Laura Levine
Charmaine Harris
Juliet Marrillier
V C Andrews

Links:  (NB: adult-themed erotica)

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